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For the sake of all beings whose numbers fill all space–
Each one at some time my parent–
And especially for all humanity of this world,
I give rise to this aspiration:

May all come to know, in their own languages,
The teachings of the enlightened ones, epitomized by scriptures
and realization,
And may all develop the extraordinary wisdom
That is the understanding of cyclic existence and transcendent states.

May this dispel the dark oblivion of ignorance,
And based on the view, meditation, and conduct,
May all accomplish what is meaningful for themselves and others
And so come to realize perfect enlightenment.

Now that I have developed this awakened aspiration,
The force of my intention will not diminish
Until I reach this very goal.
Lamas, buddhas, and bodhisattvas, bear witness to this,
And as I have made this commitment,
Think of me as your child!

Inspire us all so that brilliant wisdom born of study, reflection,
and meditation
May blaze in our minds,
May whatever is beneficial for the doctrine and for all beings
Arise throughout the infinity of space.