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The IATS 2010 Schedule is now posted at Vancouver’s Institute of Asian Research website.

Tsadra Foundation will be represented at the conference by Karl Brunnholzl, Sarah Harding, Stephanie Johnston and Marcus Perman. Blog posts will be made from the conference in mid August.

Download the PDF with details for each panel session here: Panel Session Details IATS 2010

In case you were unaware, the newly updated version of the Times New Roman font now includes diacritics from the Latin Extended Additional character area, which includes dots above and below letters and other key characters used for representing Sanskrit and other languages used in Buddhist studies. If you are a Tsadra Fellow and you don’t have access to the new version of the font, or are not sure where to get it, let me know and I’ll get it to you ASAP. Just email:

Tibetan digital translator pic 1

“Out of land of snows comes a snow-white digital electronic pocket gadget, produced by a Lhasa-based Tibetan enterprise Tibet Luozang Digital Science & Technology Ltd.

The handheld device features an impressive array of edutainment functions: 34 dictionaries (Tibetan, Chinese, T-C, C-T, T-C-English); PDA (Palm Digital Assistant) application; database of language, cultural and historical entries in Tibetan and Chinese; trilingual WordPad; MP3 player, with USB interface with personal computer; and games…” (Read the article here)