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A private screening of a new movie about the great scholar and collector of Tibetan texts, E. Gene Smith, will be shown in Boulder on December 15th, 2011.

You are invited to a special preview of the upcoming documentary,
Digital Dharma, the story of E. Gene Smith, founder of the Tibetan
Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC) and a pioneer in Tibetan Studies who
dedicated his life to finding, preserving and disseminating the rich
literary heritage of Tibet. Next week will mark one year since the
death of E. Gene Smith. An evening of remembrance on December 15th
will include a preview screening of Digital Dharma, the feature-length
HD documentary about Gene’s life’s work.

This sneak peek of the film will be hosted for hundreds of worldwide
fans of the film’s central character via the virtual environment
platform of vcopious™, a Philadelphia-based global virtual environment
technology provider. The live event will be streamed from The 8th
Floor, a gallery and screening room in New York City. The local Rocky
Mountain showing will be at:

University of Colorado, Boulder Campus
ATLS 1B31 (on 18th Ave if you’re coming from Broadway)
Thursday December 15, 2011
4-6 pm

Contact: Nicole Willock, University of Denver postdoctoral fellow

Lewis Lancaster: Buddhism in a Global Age of Technology

This is really an interesting speech about Lancaster’s attempts to answer the question of what it is in the Buddhist tradition that lead it to become “the first world-religion.” That is, why did it spread so far and so well? To this he answers partially by discussing what he calls “portable sanctity” and “fixed sanctity.” He discusses translation right around 20:40 on the recording. He also discusses the “two most important problems of our time”: 1) cosmology and 2) causation, Buddhism in a digital age, and he makes some interesting statements about freedom of information and the internet. Although some of what he says is a bit off-target, most of what he says is very interesting and the speech is worth the time it takes to listen.

Here is the URL in case the above link breaks:

There are four interesting videos on translation on the page above: one talk from John Dunne, one from Sara McClintock, one from Tom Tillemans, and another from Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche.


Andreas Doctor and all the staff at Kathmandu University’s Centre for Buddhist Studies have been very busy so if you would like more information you can take a look at:

Or contact me,, if you want more information or if you would like to talk with Andreas, the director of studies at the Center for Buddhist Studies in Kathmandu.

another photo of the same fellows

another photo of the same fellows

slightly less blurry ?