Question from John: Do any of you have information that might be useful for a young friend, likely to end up as a Padmakara translator, who has been advised by the lamas to go and study more Tibetan in India or Nepal? He is French but almost bilingually English, and has already done 2 years’ Tibetan in Paris.

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  • Four years of Tibetan, he has specified to me…

  • There is Rangjung Yeshe, of course. That might be the first place to look into. They have a one year translator/interpreter training program in addition to their regular classes.

    In India, I’ve heard that people study at:
    The Institute of Buddhist Dialectics in MecLeod Ganj and Sarah
    Library of Tibetan Works and Archives
    Manjushree Center of Tibetan Culture in Darjeeling

    I believe Tyler Dewar studied at IBD in Sarah with successful results.

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