5 Responses to “Fuzzy Tsadra Fellows Photo”

  • Great photo, though it seems my mind is still a bit fuzzy from travelling. Thanks Sarah for a delicious and relaxing way to finish up our time in Boulder.

  • Thank you Sarah for your wonderful hospitality. This photo brings back good memories of our time together.

  • Salut à toi, Sarah, and many heartfelt thanks for that delightful soirée. The small size photo is very nice : in its big size I especially appreciate the noses… Cordiales salutations à toutes et à tous !

  • I have a slightly better photo. How do I post it on the blog ? Can someone tell me

  • admin:


    Create a new post :
    Login in the blog using your username and password
    Go to Site Admin, Write, Post.
    Give your post a name, then click Add media, add an image.


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