The UK Association for Buddhist Studies will have its conference this year Tuesday and Wednesday, July 6th and 7th at the University of Leeds.

“Historiography, adaptation and contemporary practice” – at the Michael Sadler Building, University of Leeds.



  • Prof. Steven Collins (Chicago): “No-self, gender, and madness”
  • Dr Joanna Cook (Cambridge): “Remaking Thai Buddhism through international pilgrimage”
  • Prof. Duncan McCargo (Leeds): “Buddhism, legitimacy and violence in southern Thailand”
  • Dr Catherine Newell (SOAS): “The new Buddhist missionaries: the global ambitions of Thailand’s Dhammakaya temples”
  • Dr James Taylor (Adelaide): “Mobility and resistance; modern monastic questers”
  • Dr James Benn (McMaster): “A Chinese apocryphal sutra in its eighth-century context”
  • Prof. Ann Heirman (Ghent): “Speech is silver, silence is golden? Speech and silence in the Buddhist sagha”
  • Dr John Kieschnick (Bristol): “The adjudication of sources in traditional Chinese Buddhist historiography”
  • Dr Francesca Tarocco (Manchester): “Buddhist images in modern China”

Film showing

  • Dr Patrice Ladwig (Max Planck Institute): “The last friend of the corpse: funerals, morticians and crematoria in Chiang Mai”

Postgraduate presentations

  • Jane Caple (Leeds): “Contemporary revival and development of Tibetan Buddhist monasticism in eastern Qinghai (Amdo)”
  • Berthe Jansen (Oxford): “Buddhist and non-Buddhist themes contained in Tibetan wedding recitations”
  • Lewis Doney (SOAS): “The daṇḍa-swinging Dharmarāja: early Tibetan appropriations of Indian Buddhist narratives”
  • Frederick Chen (Oxford): “A pagan god transformed into a Buddhist god or a Buddhist god transformed into a Chinese god?”

Also featuring surprise musical performance
Registration (please register before end of June 2010): £45 (UKABS/WREAC £30; students £20).
Register before 31 May for a £5 discount. Fee includes lunch & dinner on 6 July and lunch on 7 July.
Further information and registration: or
Organising committee: Martin Seeger, Francesca Tarocco, Ian Harris, Jane Caple

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