There were a few glitches to work out, but Q & A sessions are planned for Tuesday’s at 2PM (New York Time?).

In case you haven’t heard, TBRC has launched a new and improved website.

You will need to re-register and formally request full access again. It is quite easy and response time is short (24hrs or so). Just click on “LOGIN?REGISTER” at the top right corner of the screen. When you get to the login screen, click the tab labeled “Register (new user)” and fill out the form, remembering to check the box next to Request Full Access.

An important note for people who have been previously accessing the texts at TBRC (from Jeff Wallman):

“One very important change is that we completely rewrote our authentication module. The net change is that all password account holders will need to register themselves. This should be easier to manage since account holders can choose their own user name and password.

In addition, we ask that you formally request full access to text downloads. This is necessary because we want to keep a record of account holder names, emails, and interests, but also so that we can improve the performance of the application. You might be pleasantly surprised that the new interface to the digital texts (we call it the digital pecha viewer “DPV”) is easier to use!”


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  • Note that in the original post I said 11am EST, which was incorrect. The online meeting is taking place at 2 PM in New York City, 11am West-Coast time.

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