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Every online resource is not listed here; however, through these links you will find lists of every other internet database or web page or scholarly journal that exists.

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– Research Resources
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New Links

Bibliography of Translations from the Chinese Buddhist Canon into Western Languages put together by Marcus Bingenheimer, last updated in February of 2009.

Four language presentation of key Buddhist texts at the University of Oslo. Texts include Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese and English, verse by verse, line by line or as a whole side by side. See Bibliotheca Polyglotta. If that link does not function, see

Columbia Tibetan Studies Research Guide: Includes bibliographies, lists of essential historical documents and academic papers, lists of dictionaries and essential research items in the areas of history, anthropology, archeology, etc.

Dan Martin’s new web page includes translations of The Tingri Hundred, The White Conch Fragments and his work on Padampa’s Animal Kingdom, which includes such insights as སྦྲང་རྒོད་ལྟོ་རུ་ཟོས་ནས་འབྲས་བུ་མེད་པར་འདོད་པ་དེ་ནི་ཤིན་ཏུ་བླུན།། “Thinking there will be no result from swallowing a wild bee is very foolish.”

International Association for Buddhist Thought and Culture: Click on the links in the center of the page under “Publications” to access the journal contents. The journal seems to have a focus on Korean Buddhism but has many freely accessible articles in English with topics ranging from opinion pieces on Buddhism and science to scholarly assessments of historical issues, assessments of tomb inscriptions and bibliographies of practice manuals. Feb. 2009 Issue.

Granthinam’s Tibetan and Sanskrit Philology Page

Tibetan Historical Documents and Letters at The Central Asian Seminar at Bonn University, Germany

Documents of Kundeling Monastery and a detailed study of the history of the monastery

Thor bu – Curiosia Indo-Tibetica: the discussions of an itinerant Oxfordian

Shedrub and the 6th Annual Buddhist Studies Symposium

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Dan Martin’s huge bibliography for free download:

Buddhism in general (6590 entries, updated recently):

Early Tibetan Language bibliography:

Bibliography of Asian Studies:

A list of more recent publications in Indology:

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Research Resources

Huge resource for finding Tibetan texts, authors, and dates:

The Tibetan Himalayan Digital Library:

Dictionary of Buddhism (primary focus on Chinese)

Asian Classics Input Project: List of texts by author:

Downloadable Tibetan Texts from Karma Lekshey Ling Institute:

Buddhist Texts Portal (pdf of Conze Prajnaparamita and many others):

Digital Library & Museum of Buddhist Studies

Berkeley Buddhist Studies Info:

Shenpen Ösel is a tri-annual publication of Kagyu Shenpen Ösel Chöling (KSOC), a center for the study and practice of Tibetan vajrayana Buddhism located in Seattle, Washington. Real good stuff to check out here, all PDF format easy access texts.

Ranjung Yeshe Wiki:

List of useful references and archives:

The gDams Ngag mDzod catalogue:

Searchable database of various rnying ma rgyud ‘bum editions:

Peking Tripitaka Online Search:

Toyo-Bunko Library Catalogue Online Search in English In addition to the two Tibetan catalog searches available under “5. Other Asian Language Materials” on this link, there are also materials in Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, Korean, Arabic, Uighur, Burmese and many other languages:

Mongolian Kanjur Catalogue

Russian Tibetan Studies:

Vienna University Kanjur Catalogue

Taisho Catalogue:

Tibetan Studies: Language, Literature, and Software

The Berzin Archives, full of interesting information on Buddhism:

Digital Himalaya (Anthropology focus):

Center for Research on Tibet (Melvin Goldstein):

Center for Buddhist Studies Columbia University:

Lotsawa House: Lotsawa School:

Order Tibetan Language Publications:

Find any book in existence anywhere:

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Scholarly Information

Many journal articles for download:

Vienna Studies in Tibetology and Buddhism: WSTB Catalogue

Bibliography of Asian Studies:

Directory of Open Access Journals:

The Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies (JIATS):

Digital Himalaya: Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines (includes English articles)

Journal of Global Buddhism:

Journal of Buddhist Ethics (includes all kinds of really good scholarship and is free):

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Indology and Sanskrit Studies

The essential resource is, however you may need to sign up (free but can take a few days for response email) in order to access the really useful stuff. For instance, there is material  on the table of contents of over 180 journals here: and there is a searcheable database of Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese terms here: and there is a  Query Interface for Sanskrit, Tibetan and English word lists and dictionary here:

“Sanskrit Knowledge Systems (on the eve of Colonialism)” is an interesting resource with papers and information on a variety of topics relating to sanskrit scholariship in India between 1550 and 1750. Of particular interest may be Ganeri’s article, “The defence of realism in Vaisesika.”

A list of links to software for Indological studies:

Online Journal of Indology (some interesting things to be seen here but you have to search for them, not a wonderfully user friendly site as many strange or useless things are mixed in with very interesting work:

A wiki started by Sanskrit scholars that has some useful information but is not particularly active (there are only 446 real pages on the site). Some of the more interesting things are listed here for your convenience:

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Online Tibetan Translation Tool:

Flashcards already made and an automatic teaching tool:

Omniglot Tibetan Page (Full of great links):


Tibetan (transliterated) English Dictionary:

Practical Sanskrit Dictionary:

Sanskrit, Tamil and Pahlavi Dictionaries:

Critical Pali Dictionary:

Online Dictionaries in various languages:

Another helpful list of Online Dictionaries in various languages:




Online Dictionary of Language Terminology:

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Getting Diacritics Fonts:|amp|%20related%20issues.html

Universal Tibetan Font Converter (UTFC):

Tibetan Machine Uni:

Tibetan Word Processor and Database:

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Blogs and General Interest

Dan Martin’s page:

Dr  T. Matthew Ciolek’s Tibetan Studies information page:

Dr  T. Matthew Ciolek is head of the Internet Publications Bureau, Research School of Asian and Pacific Studies (RSPAS),National Institute for Asia and the Pacific,Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia Email:

Lantsha Ligatures:

Classical Tibetan Translation Blog:

Pictures of Central Tibet from 1920-1950 (lots of very good but often more general information):

Full of info, less scholarly, less reliable, but still interesting:

Great Buddhist Library:

Tung Lin Kok Yuen Buddhist Door Website:

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