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Adarsha on iTunes

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The Karmapa announced this project in 2014 and although it is still in development, this app is already up and running well on the iPad for searching the Jiang Kangyur in Tibetan script. It looks like they will be adding the Tengyur and other sources soon. A website for easy access on any computer is also in development and can be found at


From the description on their website:

Congratulations to His Holiness the 17th Karmapa and all those at the Dharma Treasure Association working on this project!

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DPS – Digital Preservation Society

For the stunning price of $4,700 you can order 7 DVDs of the high quality digitized them spang ma edition held in the National Library of Mongolia. The Peking edition is 5 DVDs for $3,700.

them spang ma Kangyur

them spang ma Kangyur

From their website:

Since 2007 the digitizing of the Tempangma (rgyal rtse’i them spang ma/them spang ma/them spangs ma/Thempangma/them-spangs-ma) manuscript of the Kangyur and the Peking edition of the Kangyur held by the National Library of Mongolia has been undertaken as a joint project by

This joint project is coordinated by Kawachen, based in Tokyo.